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          今天是2022年4月27日 星期三,欢迎光临本站 




            Anhui Liwei Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded in August 2010, registered capital of 5 million 500 thousand yuan, the company is located in Anhui Industrial Park, Huaishang district city of Bengbu province is a professional private enterprise engaged in R & D and production of lubricating system, lubrication system is mainly the production of compressor, mainly for the chemical industry, widely supporting coal, natural gas, steel mill, mill and marine compressor with the most widely used design software, advanced avant-garde ideas, from the appearance of the product, material selection, structure, production and environmental protection, the automation of the production process, the production technology, production process improvement, and achieved good economic and social benefits.

            Enterprise belongs to the technical, technology research and development accounts for more than 10% of sales revenue each year, and hefei university of technology institute of tongji university, Shanghai, suzhou division advanced technology, is the cooperation unit, conventional products are exported to at home and abroad, processing technology is now walking in the front of the plane in the same industry, the domestic many large compression factory direct cooperation with our company, is a high-tech enterprises in anhui province.




            地 址:安徽省蚌埠市长征北路878号

            电 话:0552-3039348

            传 真:0552-3039248

            手 机:18905529266(邓经理)

          0552-3039348 18905529266